What is THIRD MILLENNIUM entertainment?

Let's begin with what it's not. It's not a production company. It doesn't seek scripts, treatments, film ideas or offer any type of employment. Nor is it an agency. It doesn't offer any type of representation nor can it assist you in finding an agent.

So then, what exactly is "THIRD MILLENNIUM entertainment?" Simply, its a website created for screenwriters, filmmakers and comic book enthusiasts, offering material for one's edification and enjoyment. Its here to enlighten, as well as, entertain.

Who is the webmaster?
Terrence J. Brady is the owner/operator of this website. He received his BA in film production from Loyola University Chicago and has penned several spec screenplays. Besides scripts, he has written on & off-line articles, reviews, short stories, essays, interviews, and much more. Some of the sites he has written for include Absolutewrite.com, Suite101.com and Kevin Smith's Moviepoopshoot.com. Currently (as of summer 2015) he is working on his first book; a biography on martial arts star Alexander Fu Sheng.
How long has this website been around?
The website was created in February 1998 and went "live" that April. Originally, there were only five "theaters" but has grown to 17 and continues to build.
Yeah .... what's the deal with the "theaters?"
To make things interesting, the website is divided into sections (also called "theaters"). Each theater has it's own personality, instead of the generic repetition one might find elsewhere.
What's with that crazy URL?
Why not call it "www.thirdmillennium" or something similar? Well, the story is, "teako-170" is actually a pen-name (of sorts) for the webmaster. Initially, "teako-170" was a NYC graffiti tag adopted by the webmaster in the 1970ís.
What if I have a question/comment/rant/praise/etc. for the webmaster?
The webmaster is always thankful for all his visitors and welcomes all correspondence. So, send me your email.
What's in store for the future?
Update 2008: After a decade of building, I'm no longer adding new material or updating old information on a regular basis. I do plan to keep this site online though as I put a lot of effort into it plus there's still plenty of good stuff to see here. Thanks for visiting.

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