Daredevil screenplay / Blind Justice BLIND JUSTICE

Original screenplay by Terrence J. Brady
WGAe registered # 127672-00
Characters created by and Marvel Entertainment Group
(no rights to characters assumed or implied)

Here in lies the spec script Blind Justice which features the characters from the Marvel comic "Daredevil" created by Stan Lee and Bill Everett in 1964. The script is based loosely on aspects of DD # 181 ("Last Hand" by Frank Miller in 1981).

Follow Daredevil's exploits as he confronts a crimelord who threatens to claim Manhattan and a psychopath living in a world of contorted movie sequences - all the while searching out a ghost who may prove to be an assassin... or his lost soul mate.

Divided into 5 sections for quicker downloading. See what other readers had to say about Blind Justice; on-line since 1999.

Please don't forget to read the journals page. Total of 55 journals, spanning 14 months, which describes the process of writing this script from research to development to various draft rewrites. Definitely worth a look; hope you enjoy.

OK, onward to the script..... FADE IN

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