Comic Book Grades, Glossary, 
and First Appearances

A product of superior/original quality is usually more desirable than one of lesser quality. This applies especially in the world of collectibles. Comics, once made from the cheapest pulp paper, can fall victim to both time and the elements - deteriorating into brittle pieces of scrap. Though production quality has vastly improved, nothing is timeless and collectors go to great means to help preserve their collection. You, too, can do your part with appropriate storage techniques and proper handling. Not only will your comics be worth more in the long run but you'll also be preserving a memory for the generations to come.

Like anything else in life, it's always helpful to know the inside jargon. This is a list of "buzz-words" that will help you better understand various references when reading about comics and will also aid you to better communication with your fellow collectors (IOW: make you sound like you know what you're talking about). This list includes terms on: grading defects, abbreviations, as well as other commonly used catch phrases and lingo.

What was the first appearance of the BATMAN? In what year did the JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA form? In what title did HAWKEYE make his debut? Well, look no further for the listing to the left includes 1500+ first appearances for comic book characters since the 1930's. Heroes, supporting characters, super villains, supergroups, prototypes, and other famous firsts. Be sure to check out the "chronology" which features a listing of noteworthy or historically significant comics printed since 1897.
Source: Thanks to The Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide and The Overstreet Comic Book Grading Guide. Overstreet, in publication for 30+ years, is the one and only source you'll need for comic book pricing. If you want to be informed, then do yourself a favor and pick up a copy of the Overstreet Guide today.