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Here in lies images from the unfinished feature, JumpCut. If anything came of this project, it would have been the pleasure of meeting and working with such a fine lot of actors and actresses.

In the years since JumpCut ended, several of these actors have forwarded their careers on varied stages. Gabra Zackman continues to do a variety of stage work and has appeared on the hit TV show, "Law & Order." Deborah Puette has performed for stage and television and will appear in three upcoming films in 2005. Venturing into the music and songwriting industry, Andrea Squibb has her first CD now available (for sale on Amazon).

I was fortunate to have known two of my leads (Steve and Ted) before this production ever came to be and they both shared a tremendous amount of raw talent. While I don't know what has become of them, I hope our paths will cross again someday. I believe with the dedication they (and my other leads) showed me, they will prove to be capable of whatever tasks future productions ask of them.

I wish them all the best.



Recently uncovered some "lost footage" as I was converting some old video onto DVD. In the upcoming months, I plan to upload new and cleaner images from all the shoots, as well as, unseen material including behind-the-scenes photos. To access the lost "EL" footage, click on Shoot G.