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PLEASE NOTE: Some links may no longer be valid. Page was created in 1999.


The Screenwriter's Utopia
One of the best screenwriting sites on the net. Check it out!

Francis Ford Coppola's site. Submit your script for review and review others' scripts.

Everyone should read the LETTERS and COLUMNS sections of this site.

Charles Deemer
Creator of the Screenwriters & Playwrights Home Page - the "grand-daddy of all sites."

Absolute Write
Features all aspects of writing: freelance, screen/playwriting, novels, comics, & more.

Most comprehensive listing of screenwriting contests on the net. Recommended!

Mark's Screenwriting Page
Mark's site is loaded with links to all sorts of info. A definite must see.

Drew's Script-O-Rama
You're one stop for 100's of Film & Television scripts.

Hollywood Screenwriters Network
Tons of info. Online chats with pros, news, columns, contacts, & more.

The Online Communicator
Home of the FAQ file for the "misc.writing.screenplays" newsgroup.

The Mad Screenwriter
Resource directory for screenwriters, filmmakers, actors, artists and musicians.

From Query To Sale
Something different. Follow a screenwriter's trip after typing "Fade out."

Yahoo! Screenwriting Resources
Yahoo! Lotsa links!

The Craft of Writing for Film & TV
WGA site: Interviews, profiles, & articles on the art & business of writing.

Crew MSG
"Evolution of a TV Script" is a must-read.

The Spec Script Library
Screenplay database. Add your script to the library.
Over 3400 screenplays available

Rob Gallagher: Literary Manager & Producer
Batter up! Pitch your script to the 'Head of Literary for Cyd LeVin & Associates.'

Atlanta Screenwriting Group
Live in the Atlanta metro area or thinking about moving there?

Prescott Script Consulting
WGA agent who offers advice, consultation, and a nice website to boot.

The Horror Screenwriter
Links for screenwriting, film, research, and of course...plenty of horror-related websites.

Simply Scripts
Read hundreds of (Feature and TV) scripts, screenplays, and transcripts on-line.
Features include contests, message board, chat, and more.


TV Writer.Com
An excellent starting page for television writers.

Crafty TV Writing
Questions and answers about television writing.

Writing for TV
Plenty of useful links & resources here.

The Television Writers Vault
Looking to pitch a TV show idea, treatment or script?


Video University
Source for articles on improving your video skills. Tips, tricks, links. Recommended!

Hollywood 911
Need a crew? Cast? Equipment? Then check out 911.

Sundance Channel
Official site of the Sundance Festival.

The place for the latest news on the independent scene. Recommended!
Home of The Internet Filmmaker's FAQ and more.

Director's Guild of America
Home of the DGA magazine and the official site of the DGA.

Mandy's Film & TV Production Directory
Popular international directory of professionals in film, TV and multimedia.

Cyber Film School
Want to make a movie? This is the site to see.

Yes, another one but this is for the VIDEOmaker. Covers all the basics.
Want to start video editing but don't know where to begin? This is the place.

Excellent site for networking with others who share your interests.
Filmmaking-related search engine. Over 2000 links.

Crafty Screenwriting
Straight forward "do's and don'ts" for the beginning scribe.

Post your resume here. Check out the job hotline & crew search.


Internet Movie Database
The big one! 130,000+ movies on file and growing. Highly recommended!

Hollywood Creative Directory
Published 3X yearly, this one has all the info you need. Recommended!

Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences
Official site. This is the place for the "Nicholl Screenwriting" competition.

Done Deal
Who sold what to who when?? All the latest script sales.

Official site for the American Film Institute.

Yahoo Entertainment News
All the top headlines from the world of TV, Film, and more.

Hollywood Reporter
All the latest news, gossip, and trends of the big H.

Just like their publication. Tons of info here.

E! Online
Website of the popular TV channel.
Fantastic database on all aspects of the awards.



Writer's Guild of America
From registering your script to finding an agent. Highly recommended!

U.S. Copyright Office
All the information you'll every need on copyright law.

The Elements of Style
Anyone who wants to be a serious writer should know about this book. Bookmark it!

Phrase Finder
Lists of many popular phrases & their meanings.

The Movie Cliche List
Fun site. Make sure to take notes, so you know don't become a cliche yourself.

Merriam-Webster OnLine
A 2-in-1 Dictionary & Thesaurus search.
Type in a keyword or phrase for access to over 17,000 FREE articles.

Yes - "the" Britannica encyclopedia is now on-line.

Old Farmer's Almanac
You've seen the book. Now you can get all your info on-line right here.

Google Newsgroups
Formerly Deja News. This is the place if you want to peruse the USENET newsgroups.



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