The Crazy Five screenplay by Terrence J Brady

LOGLINE: A can of paint. A moving canvas. An imagination gone wild.

SYNOPSIS: Five city teens see their lives as a dead end. Never getting out. Never breaking free of their urban prison. Their only escape .. their only way to breech the outside world is the MTA. These mechanized chariots would become their modern day Hermes and herald their names to the far corners of the city.

Bronx, 1973. Inspired by true events, this is the tale of five teenagers (Blade, Tull, Death, Vamm and Crachee) who would transform graffiti from its crudest form into a new era of eclectic aerosol art using subway trains as their canvas in motion. This screenplay is an adaptation of the manuscript written by Mitch Weiss, one of the founding fathers of TC5, and is available for option or purchase. Interested parties please contact Terrence J. Brady.

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. . . The Crazy . . .

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