by James Brady



"What's going on?" was the question in Cane.

And when the villagers couldn't find out they said, "Let's go

to this Plain,"

And the animals too, sensing something would brew

Decided they had a right of domain, so they went too.

"The Battle"
    The Plants Versus the Sweets

Near the battle site -- The villagers watched

General Candy march his army of might

From the East came the army of Sweets

To engage from the West -- the army of Plants -- with drummers

of Beets.

On executing their drills -- both armies stood still

Then General Candy said, "Charge my Sweets! -- It's fight or

be killed!"

But the Plants struck the first blow

With a string, 'Bean' fashioned a bow

And zing! went Zucchini a squash, against the oncoming foe

While Peas out of pods like pellets now shelled

General Candy and troops, his casualties swelled

And Onions that gassed brought tears to the eyes

As the battle raged on, with Cane as the prize.

General Candy knew Korn had colonels a lot

So he fought them with cannons from every hilltop

For troops without leaders would soon be defeated

With no one to give them commands the Plants would have to


"Cannon to left -- cannon to right"

Cannons 'popped Korn' all through the night

Shot him up good with candy delight.

The first chocolate round, a musketeers ball,

Sent a 'Pom Pom' that went on to bomb; tents of the first army


The next shots entwined Plants in their vines

Gluing them fast in molasses and lime.

The battle seesawed --'til the army of Sweets

Advanced on the Plants -- who fell in retreat

And though the Potatoes were mashed

And Beets dripped red as they fled

Plants, trapped in the vines -- couldn't withdraw

And in the heat -- they began to wither and thaw.

The battle seemed close to an end

When suddenly -- there came from the sky a thunderous cry

It was the army of Tears -- the Plants' ally

The army of Tears -- the army of Tears -- the Plants all


While the Sweets now trembled, for this was the army they feared

Soon day lost light

As cumulus clouds with face affright

Joined to tear' the battle site

With droplets of rain they pelted the plain

From mountain top high to the valley below

Till in torrents they came -- with a flash flood of rain

Freeing the Plants -- from their prison of chains.

Now no Sweet in Cane could live in the rain

Their bodies designed from sugar refine simply would melt

And as they got smaller -- the Plants grew taller

And taller and taller till it seemed --

They would touch the clouds in the sky.

General Candy said, "Stop! We surrender -- stop-- we

surrender, we surrender!"

"The Awakening"
     Sweettooth finds the real Mr. Green
'And with a plop' he fell to the floor from his bed

Yelling "STOP! STOP!" Brushing sleep from his eyes,

Sweettooth surmised

It was the 'CROW OF THE COCK' he was telling to stop

As he sat on the floor in his floppy o1' cap and nitie

like jeans

And stretching to yawn --



The dream -- My -- What a silly old dream he thought

And yet -- how real it had seemed

Sweettooth sprang to his feet and looked in the mirror to see

if his body was still in proportion a body complete

With a 'gasp' he uttered a terrible cry

For 'alas' like the Sweets, his body had shrunk to a miniature


He trembled with fear, till his height reappeared

And moving about, now completely awake he realized

That this 'GLASS' -- Why, this glass was the glass of all fun

The glass of all size.

In haste -- Sweettooth dressed.

to the West

Through the forest of trees with dew on the glade

In the light of the moon they sped on their way

And the sounds of the forest echoed their flight

So startled were they the creatures of night

Over green rolling hills past farm and windmill

Horse and rider now flew

Round thicket and thorn they galloped along

And the villagers knew, as children peeped from their

peek a boo windows

That this man called Green was being pursued

At a turn in the road, Sweettooth said, "Whoa!!"

For he saw in a field a man with a hoe

Dismounting -- he tied his horse to a tree

And walked up to this man he considered his adversary.

"I'm Mayor Sweettooth," he said to the stranger, "The Mayor

And mounting his mare rode off

of Cane; and you, sir, you're Mr. Green."

"Why yes!" Green greeted him cheerfully,

"Green like the grass that covers this plain,"

Said he, spreading his hands outwardly,

"There you are right -- That is my name -- But how did you know?

And to what do I owe, for this visit from one so esteemed?"

"You flatter me," Sweettooth replied, as he thought:

This Green -- was not like the Green of his dream

Though his face looked the same, his manners seemed changed,

Sweettooth wondered -- was this a cover up scheme

On  the part of the crafty old Green.

Sweettooth spoke out. "The children of Cane told me your name

And described you as so- 'With a nose like a carrot -- and a

voice like a parrot, and -- '"

"Enough! Enough!" said Green, as he laughed.

"My! How children go to extremes. Of course, I don't

blame them,

I know prettier faces they've seen.

But though I am old and a sight to behold,

My heart -- O' my heart is as gentle, as a kitten that's

weaned ... "

"It wasn't entirely your face," Sweettooth said,

Or the carrot and bean you asked them to taste,

That caused the children to race into the village with screams

It was the threat that you made, that gave you away


That scared them right out of their jeans

And I must add, it made us all mad ... Would you care to

explain, Mr. Green?"

"Indeed! Indeed" Green said in glee, "Explain I will!"

And, as Sweettooth listened, his eyes saw something amiss

as he stared in Green's mouth, deep down and around that abyss

"No threat was intended," said Green, "Nor was it meant to upset

I said the word Cain. C-A-I-N not Cane, C-A-N-E,

And merely implied, on candy alone one cannot survive,

BUT NOW -- If they were to take my carrot and bean!

Well," and he sighed, "Ah ... Healthwise -- their bodies

would thrive

And when I offered the children my vitamin plan

DO YOU KNOW WHAT THEY DID -- Why -- The rascals got up and

they ran

And that is the truth, Mayor Sweettooth ... Why I love all

children," said Green.

"Here, let me show you some pictures."

And from his wagon nearby ...

He picked up a book with the title "The Family Prize."

Sweettooth just stared at Green's mouth

And though he had heard the words that came out ... he was

shocked --

For Green's mouth, showed only a mouthful of rot,

'There wasn't a tooth to be seen.'

In a daze Sweettooth said, "Gleam --Where is the Gleam?"

"Gleam," asked Green -- "What do you mean?"

"Sheen!" Sweettooth cried out, "Sheen! That's what I mean.

Your Teeth -- where are your teeth, so pearly and neat?"

"MY TEETH?" This man must be crazy, thought Green.

With the weather so hot, it must be the heat. I must try

to console him.

"My teeth -- O'yes, hm-hm -- my teeth.

Well, er -- after I eat, I leave them in water to clean."

Sweettooth laughed. "You leave them in water to clean?

O'come, Mr. Green, why at age thirty-two, my teeth, totaled two,

And that's all I had, to catch my food and give it a chew.

And when they decayed and rotted away,

My gums had to grate the food that I ate, and now, you would

have me believe with my teeth gone from my face,

I could somehow have them replaced."

Sweettooth laughed again. "Come, Mr. Green, you have teeth

only twice,

Though I must say, to have them three times,

Ah yes, that indeed -- that indeed would be nice.

But that's impossible -- Quite impossible."

"It isn't," said Green, "I can prove it to you."

And An his wagon nearby he picked up a bowl

And lo and behold! to Sweettooth's surprise

The bowl held water, and teeth were sparkling inside.

Sweettooth rubbed his eyes, it was hard to believe what he saw

As Green put the teeth in his mouth, and smiled once more.

Sweettooth blurted out words excitedly,

"Are they paste? Or -- some sort of image you've traced."

"PASTE -- PASTE, certainly not," bellowed Green.

"But with ivory and stone I've hewed -- These dentures

that gleam.

'Gleam' -- Aha -- I know now what you mean, when you said the

word 'gleam,'

And I should have realized, my teeth would be a surprise --

of course--

That is my reason for coming to Cane.

To correct this problem, in your toothless domain."

"And what do you propose?" Sweettooth asked.

"Simply this," said Green. "I will make teeth for the people

of Cane

Providing they eat my plants, along with their barley and grain."

"PLANTS -- EAT PLANTS?" Sweettooth screamed, "NEVER! NEVER!"

As he remembered the dream.

Green laughed. "But Mayor Sweettooth, plants of mine,

are not the garden flowery kind. They are called 'VEGETABLES'



"Yes I know," said Sweettooth -- still remembering the dream.

"And your fee for this service, "Sweettooth asked, "What would

it be?"

Green thought for a moment.

"Well -- For my teeth, my right to compete with you here in Cane.

And my plants for your sweets, on a reasonable, weigh-in


And here is my 'DEED' for this land, for your consent and

your hand."

Green handed Sweettooth the book -- 'The Family Prize'.

Sweettooth opened the book. The 'DEED' was folded inside.

The 'DEED' was authentic. It had the 'SEAL OF THE CANDY CANE'

And in writing, declared a new ownership's name. That name

was Green's.

Sweettooth scanned through the book.

And with plenty of pictures to see, he hurriedly gave them

a look.

There were family pictures and photos of children at play.

And though the children looked strong and tall

Their faces were sad and not at all gay.

Closing the book, Sweettooth asked Green, "Where are you from?'

"From the Vegetarian village," said Green. "A distance from

here ninety miles."

"Is it not called, 'THE VILLAGE OF PLANTS'?"

'Well," said Green with a smile, in fable perhaps or storybook


Why once it was said by writers of yore,

that 'MONSTERS' had grown there before."

Green laughed, "In olden times perhaps, but other than this,

Fairy Tales -- nothing more.'

"HM! HM!" said Sweettooth, "I see. The Vegetarian village

you said?"

'Yes, it's called that,' said Green.

"For our nutrition is mainly gotten from garden greens.

We prefer vegetables to meat."

"Your pictures are beautiful,' Sweettooth said, "houses and all,

"Of course, my teeth will be the first you'll complete."

"OF COURSE," said Green with a smile of gleam.

Sweettooth excitedly mounted his mare -- so eager was he --

To tell the good fortune the people would share.

Green returned the wave of his hand,

As rider and horse, dashed back through the woodland.

"The Festival"
    Peace in Candyland

Time passed on in Cane.

And with seasons change all nature felt the strain

Trees now shed their leaves, as Jack Frost made them sneeze

And animals scurried underground, where food and warmth were


And when the snow had blown its nose, and melted with the sun --

There rose

A stem of green -- That flourished through-out the woodland scene

Birds sang of it -- Flowers bloomed with it -- Children played

in it

It was Spring again in Cane

It was carnival time in Cane

And with village pageantry, merrymaking reigned.

On the lake of Cane, a moving boat, towed a candy castle float

While bombarding air with rocket flare, fire, and popping puffs

of smoke

And on the land, the village band, in tune with June, played

the seasons score

As people danced and sang the songs, they had sung the year


In dress-up masquerade, the village celebrated, 'The Festival

of Candy Day!'

In colors, chocolate, cherry, almond nut, and mint of white

Cottages were painted colorful and bright,

While across the mountain range -- large letters spelled out


And banners flew advertising same- as did floats pulled by oxen train

On one such float rode the 'star',

The tall and chocolate 'Baby Ruth' -- The nutty candy bar

Many candy stars were on the scene and competing with these stars

Were 'VEGETABLES' like the giant 'STRINGBEAN'

Mounted high on a float -- It caught the children's eye but

not their vote,

For they still preferred their 'Sweets' to greens

The children playing games, fought a game of war

Selecting sides was simply done, by the mask, one wore

The pretty colored masks represented 'sweets'

While the ugly headdress masks, resembled CARROTS, CABBAGE,


The children played their games in fun

And though bruises made their mark no great harm was done

Watching them were their elders -- who were chatting with

new friends

For many people came to Cane this year, who were never there


From the 'Pepper village' came the 'Sneezers'

And the 'Snoozers' from the 'Land of Nod'

And the village 'No Man's Land' -- Was represented by the

'Women's Clan'

Activists with placards stressing "Freedom's Stand."

And though these people came for the festivities at Cane

That wasn't all their thoughts completely entertained

They had come to see this man called Green

For had not village runners heralded out his fame

In every hamlet on the plain

Telling how he could restore, the sparkle in a smile once more

Indeed they had, while singing his refrain

'Brush your teeth with chocolate creme -- it's the paste of

Cane and Green,

No more salt and finger scrub --

For good hygiene -- a rub a dub dub -- It's Cane and Green

For good hygiene -- a rub a dub dub -- It's Cane and Green.'

And now the time had come -- as a crowd gathered 'round a

platform stage

Mayor Sweettooth Cane presented Mr. Green to their gaze

As he unveiled two figurines -- both candy baked --

One of himself and one of Green.

As Cane and Green shook hands, cheers went 'round the viewing


Green then told the congregation, he was available for


And whoever was in need of dental care, to leave their names

And appointments would be made -- on the calendar of Cane.

Green then introduced the four assistants he had trained:

Mr. Puller's job was pulling teeth

While Mr. Driller did the drilling

Mr. Capp would do the filling -- With the help of Mr. Silver,

Mr. Gold

And if Puller did a mouth complete

Mr. Green would mold and make the teeth -- A set of thirty-two

to better chew

Whatever food one chose to eat

Once again the crowd acclaimed -- Mr. Green and this miracle

of Cane

The art of reproducing teeth -- The end to toothache pain

And then -- when those who needed dental care were calendered

in time

All went on the village green to dine on soda pop and sweets

Vegetables and wine.

"The village of Cane will never be the same," Sweettooth

said to Green,

As they watched the children eat their greens.

Green just smiled his gladness, as the children gulped each

morsel down

Though with distaste, for they made a face, and even Sweettooth


For Shhh! though no one knew but Sweettooth too, preferred

his sweets to greens. But their antics didn't bother Mr. Green.

And he told the children pointedly,

"Eat it up you little rascals. It's for your health and your


After you eat you'll get a sweet."

"Bah! and Ugh!" was their reply, but they knew they had to try

-- or else

Forfeit the candy cart that tempted them nearby

'And down the hatch' went vegetables, like cabbage from a

cabbage patch

And when their plates were cleaned, around the candy cart

they screamed

With Oh's and Ah's and contented sighs.

For after vegetables, candy was the prize

Happily they smacked their lips on candy called a 'Hershey Kiss'

And sang a song that went like this:

"A sweet is a treat that's yummy to chew

It's yummies for tummies -- a choco-o-ly-goo

A choco-o-ly-goo ... A car-mel-ly chew;

Here's one for me; here's two for you!"

"A sweet is a treat delicious to eat

With flavors one favors;

Have a life saver

All colored in red white and blue

Here's one for me; here's two for you!"

Green passively looked on -- as he thought -- of cavities

that candies bring,

But being very wise, he realized, that vegetables can always win

If a sweet is the treat that follows them.

Accepting candy from the children, Green tasted it and said,

"Hmmm ... Not bad ... Not bad at all! But tonight before you

go to sleep,

Be mindful of your duty, children, MAKE SURE YOU BRUSH YOUR


The children nodding their consent, ran off to play.

And Sweettooth said,

"With children, Mr. Green, you have a most convincing way."

"Without your aid, it would have been impossible," said Green,

"Holding back your sweets as you did, gave my vegetables a

chance to compete.

Without your aid -- I'm afraid teeth would never have been


Both men smiled and shook hands. And Green said, "Come,

let us walk and breathe the goodness of this land."

And this they did, in the evening light

Through the meadow hay, with bobolink in flight

And somewhere in their conversation, Green said,

"You haven't seen my farmstead lately, Sweettooth.

I've built another unit there, complete with flower bed.

I call it my Greenhouse."

"Greenhouse? Flowers?" Sweettooth said surprised.

"I thought you didn't like their scent."

"Whoever told you that?" said Green. "Why, flowers purify

the air.

Not only are they healthy, but as you know, they are beautiful

to wear.

Though I will admit -- MY GREENHOUSE -- has more than flowers

in it."

"Oh, what else is in it?"' Sweettooth asked.

"Experimental plants," Green replied.

"Oh, by the way, I meant to ask -- How are your teeth?"

"MY TEETH," Sweettooth grinned,

"Why, they're so good and new -- I can chew anything I eat."

"Wonderful! That's wonderful," said Green,

"But have you really tested them on anything concrete?"

"Concrete?" Sweettooth laughed, "You bet I have.

I've tried them out on fruits, vegetables and meat."

"Well," said Green, "Like I was saying, in my greenhouse,

I've been experimenting with new plants. Not the flowery kind --

But new vegetables. And one in particular, now comes to my mind.

It's tough to chew, you know, rather gritty.

But it would be, just the test for you. Would you like to

make the test?"

"Why not" said Sweettooth. "This vegetable -- does it have

a name?"

"Yes it does," said Green. "I call it Corn -- Kernel Corn."

"KORN -- KORN?" Sweettooth said aghast,

"COLONEL KORN? OH NO! NOT HIM! I met 'him' once before."

Green was puzzled. "You met -- HIM -- once before?"

"Well, him or it? Or whatever one would call it --"

"I don't know what you mean," said Green,


Sweettooth laughed. "Oh no! Mr. Green, DO YOU BELIEVE IN


"Certainly," said Green. "MIRACLES AND DREAMS!"

"Well -- about a year ago I had this dream

And . . . "

And on and on the two men walked

Arm in arm as Sweettooth talked

And in the distance one could hear

The ringing laughter far and near.


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