Over the last decade, I have heard from numerous people all over the globe. I am glad to see that this website has provided a service to so many. I certainly look forward to future emails and reading your comments. Note: Anyone wishing their name/comments to be removed, contact the webmaster.

DATE: 4-14-06
FROM: Kay K.
re: email

"I hope you don't mind but I am going to provide a link to what you wrote about graffiti for my students. I teach an art appreciation hybrid course (part on-line and part in-class) at [omitted]. I'm bringing a lot more contemporary art into my course and in the past my students have enjoyed comic book art and outsider art. I think they will really enjoy graffiti and I found that my mind also shifted and I begin to see it in a new light."

DATE: 4-02-06
FROM: Billy F.
Hey Teako: Just some feedback on your site, but moreover, on your writing.

"I find your site very enjoyable. The candid honesty plied with well conveyed knowledge in the screenwriting section is as insightful as it is refreshing. I ventured into the graffiti area and found it unexpectedly fascinating. Again, well delivered. Your writing comes across (to me at least) with a subtle, yet keen instinct for the autobiographical, which makes for a calm yet oddly compelling read (Not unlike Hemmingway at times.) Overall, I haven't read the entire site, in fact I've read very little, but immediately I was hooked by style forged into entertainment and it will bring me back for more. Thanks for the art."

DATE: 3-11-06
FROM: Michael S.
re: Fantastic Four article

"I went to the FF site. Pretty awesome. You put a lot of work into it and it shows. My kids have watched the new FF movie but I haven't ... I asked my kids if they liked the new one and they said it was cool. It had cool FX but they still like the original."

DATE: 11-01-05
FROM: Chris R.
re: Fantastic Four article

"So I came across this piece on the 1994 Fantastic Four movie, and was digging it, thinking what a great read it was, when I came to the end and saw your name on it--really well-done!"

DATE: 10-31-05
FROM: Thomas F.
re: The Fantastic Four-Gotten

"This is a very good article. Albeit the movie is poor but that is not anyone's fault but the lack of budget and early FX capabilities. At any rate, I'm impressed by the amount of details and also respectful vision and experience you were able to pull out of this. Great work."

DATE: 10-31-05
FROM: Oley S.
re: Fantastic Four article

"It's a great article!! Really well done. I just have one major correction. I am NOT the son of Vidal Sassoon. I don't know how that got started, I've asked IMDB to change it a dozen times. My family lives in New Orleans and I'm very proud to say that my dad was a pharmacist and my mother a nurse. No worries. You did a terrific job!"

[ Webmaster's note: The article has since been corrected. Hopefully IMDb (and other sites) will note this error and make similar corrections. ]

DATE: 9-12-05
FROM: Dean
re: Web site

"I've just happened across your site and it's brilliant! I'm a writer looking for production company addresses to send out my query letters. I've never seen a site as cool as yours with regards to the film industry. Thank you."

DATE: 9-08-05
FROM: Duane K.
re: Content

"I've just found your website and wished I'd found it earlier. It's a wealth of knowledge and entertainingly informative...."

DATE: 5-25-05
FROM: Terry
re: email

"I love your site! how on earth did you track box office stats back so far! Thank you!"

DATE: 5-24-05
FROM: Jason
re: email

"Just wanted to say "thanks" for providing a great resource for screenwriters. I just read through your journal of Blind Justice in it's entirety while at work, and man...what a terrific look into the process of creating your baby..."

DATE: 7-23-04
re: email
Diana Moves

"I really like the site - lots of great stuff to read and very easy to navigate..."

DATE: 7-10-04
re: Great site
Boomstone Entertainment Inc.

"Love the site. I was exploring material on graffiti, and came across your pics. I'm looking forward to going through the rest of your material. Thank you for offering film school students, and those just interested in entertainment, a portal for media information. I wished there had been a place like this when I was in film school (although the web wasn't even up yet)."

DATE: 6-24-04
FROM: Derek
re: email

"...hey that article you wrote was very inspiring too me, i am a writer, and while i dont completely suck, im not a Dondi Jr. But thanks for writing that, it really gave me hope in my writing career, and in school, im entering high school next year, and im scared of failing, and of the gangs and such, but reading that, even though it had nothing to do with school, it helped me realize im not a failure at life, or in school, or art. so thanks, thanks alot."

DATE: 12-22-03
FROM: Nate
re: email on graff

"... Merry Christmas and great cheer. I have recently come about your website and appreciate how you have depicted graffiti as well as outlined a history. Graffiti is a way to express yourself and grow a reputation amongst peers and elders of the same community. Thatís roughly the best I can summarize it. On December 30th, I have a court hearing for it, although reviewing your site makes me want to go out again. I am worried that after being fined and possibly imprisoned, I may not be able to risk my self in such a manner again. I am a 18 year old college student and Iíve been into graffiti for roughly 4 years but never actually started painting anything until last year or so. More so handstyles and quick throws, but Iíve always been a fan of the New York style of graffiti. Again your website is inspiring and greatly appreciated. Take care and again Merry Christmas."

[ Webmaster's note: My reply to Nate was (in a nutshell) that graffiti was merely a stepping stone in a life of artistic pursuits. As noted in this article, one does not have to continue to paint walls to keep the graffiti spirit alive. I hope Nate's court hearing went well and he allows his passion for the artform to grow into other productive forms of expression ]

DATE: 9-02-03
FROM: Ira S.
re: Bronx boy making good

"...nice to see someone from the old neighborhood making it in the motion picture industry. I grew up in the Gun Hill Projects (now, practically a forest!) and across the street from the Pelham Parkway Projects, always just a few blocks from the No. 2 train and Bronx Park ... Your website was very useful. It helped me track down a production company for a client."

DATE: 8-16-03
re: email

"Hey, thanks for creating such a great website...."

DATE: 8-11-03
FROM: Nancy M.
re: First Time To This Website

"I just came upon your website and was reading through the info on production companies and saw the picture of Maxx. I clicked on his sweet picture and read the beautiful memorial you wrote for him. He seemed like such a character. I read about half way through and got teary ... I am grateful that I came upon your website. Maxx touched me so much and I never even knew him. After learning of Maxx it made my search for production companies seem insignificant.

DATE: 7-24-03
FROM: Julie S.
re: What an AMAZING site!

"I just had to take a moment to THANK YOU for having such a fabulous site available. OUTSTANDING!!! I completely stumbled across it (and can't figure out how I did to be truthful) in my search for producers, their production offices and such. Your site is a diamond and has just now saved me HOURS upon hours of research and legwork." WELL DONE! I cannot thank you enough!!!"

DATE: 7-10-03
FROM: John L.
re: your site

"Interesting site Terrence, thanks for it. You got a TON of material here! Im going to have to come back to chew up some more of it..."

DATE: 5-2-03
FROM: BKShorty
re: email

"..doing a research paper regarding graffiti and I would like to thank you for putting your experience with graffiti in this website. It was very informative and helpful. I think that it is great how you clarify the misconception of graffiti and inform us of what it really is."

DATE: 4-2-03
re: appreciation

"I want to convey to you how much I appreciate your website. I have spent a considerable amount of time finding your website. I need the directories, and I think you are wonderful for putting all the information together at your site, because it gets very expensive trying to subscribe to any of those other sites. Thank you very much."

DATE: 3-31-03
FROM: Blair
re: Appreciative

"Amazing site, invaluable resource!"

DATE: 2-23-03
FROM: Sarah
re: Filmmaker Origin

"My name is Sarah and I'm 14 years old... I was looking at ArtCrimes and I came across your story "A Filmmaker's Origin." I started reading it ...and I couldn't stop...Even before I REALLY started getting into graffiti, I knew there was something in the world that I would find to get my emotions and thoughts out. ... Graffiti is done so the world can see and recognize it. And when the art is recognized, so is the artist..."

DATE: 2-20-03
FROM: Patrick
re: great site

"Just want to tell you that this is a great site and extremenly helpful."

DATE: 12-30-02
FROM: Mike
re: Filmmaker Origin

"I enjoyed your piece on your web site. I was also a writer in early 70s on the IRT. I started surfing the sites on graffiti last night and came across yours. What a trip to see all those old tags! Thanks for the trip down memory lane."

DATE: 12-23-02
FROM: Michael
re: graffiti

"I stumbled across your site by reading an article in the daily newspaper (Sydney, Australia) on graffiti... This brought back many memories of my childhood in Queens (1972). Some memories were: "The Red Baron" (by Flick) and "Welcome to Hell" (by Caine). These were magical as a kid peering out my classroom window in Woodside to view the trains go by. ... Another point you brought up on your site was correct. Graffiti did not begin with Hip Hop....The band or rock groups of the era were Kiss/ Cheaptrick & Aerosmith. I am very glad to see that someone had the brains to design a website & take some photos of this work when it was around. Well done."

DATE: 11-08-02
FROM: Andrew
re: Prod.Co email list

"I appreciate the immense amount of time and effort it must have taken to compile a website, and an email database of this magnitude. You're doing your fellow writers a great favor, and I thank you..."

DATE: 10-07-02
FROM: Katie
re: email

"Your site is absolutely amazing!!! I just happened upon it and I'm beside myself, so thank you!"

DATE: 9-05-02
FROM: Nicholas
re: compliments on the site

"I happened across your site today, and was quickly pulled to the section on comic books ... it was a real pleasure to see how professionally designed the whole look and feel was laid out ... it really brought back memories of collections friends of mine had back in the 70's that we took for granted... Thanks again for keeping my interest on a super area that keeps us all on the edge of our seat. I have not collected in years, but it brought the bug back."

DATE: 9-02-02
re: I Was Touched


DATE: 8-02-02
FROM: Carolyn
re: Venoms book

"Saw your posting on the KFDVD Forum, and I've been rummaging around on your Website for a while now this morning. Excellent idea, well executed -- I'm so glad to see this book of yours emerging!"

DATE: 7-10-02
FROM: Brendan
re: email

"Iím a screenwriter based in London. Hats off to you for a really superb website"

DATE: 5-26-02
FROM: Sean
re: Great Work!

"I've been on your site for about the last hour or two and am so impressed. This is exactly what I have been looking for..."

DATE: 12-30-01
FROM: Mark
re: email

"CAUGHT YOUR SITE...pretty solid stuff dude. Doing the same out here in L.A. -- the wasteland... Actually getting ready to shoot my first feature on digital... I just ready your encapsulation of shooting your first film and I saw so much of what were you thinking about when you started all this.."

DATE: 12-18-01
re: Invaluable Resource

" I had to write to tell you what an invaluable service you provide! I've received, twice now, numerous requests for scripts via your E-Query list.. I was told by everyone I talked to that that would never happen, but...you've proved them wrong. Producers ARE looking. And if you have the nerve to hit "Send," rewards are waiting. You make that job incredibly easy! Thank you so much for helping me get my foot--and scripts--in the door!"

DATE: 12-04-01
FROM: Larry
re: I really enjoyed your article on graff

"I started writing graff around the winter of 1979 back in those days NY was different Hip Hop was very underground and the art form of graffitti was still devoloping. I have never read a more precise article on graff as you have written, there is such a misunderstanding about the art form nowadays. it seems to be used allot in magazines and to market hip hop. I hope one day it will be seen as a unique art form full of expression.."

DATE: 11-29-01
FROM: Jason
re: email

"Your E-Query section for production companies is great!"

DATE: 11-27-01
FROM: James
re: CGC articles

"In the most recent Comic's Buyer's Guide issue (#1464), I saw your site briefly "plugged" in an article ... I enjoyed your CGC Hall of Shame and CGC: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly articles. The "good-bad-ugly" article was particularly well written, and I learned a few interesting things from it. It was especially interesting to hear those quotes directly from the comic artists..."

DATE: 11-26-01
re: Bravo for criticism on CGC

"It was satisfying to read your views about CGC in the CBG of Dec. 7. Some months ago I wrote to the Comics Buyers Guide voicing my distrust of the whole CGC scam. Every so often my disappointment with CBG for not strongly attacking the CGC scam boils over and I sit down to write yet another e-mail...."

DATE: 11-09-01
FROM: John
Comics Buyer's Guide.
re: Hall of Shame

"Hi, Terrence. JJM here with the Comics Buyer's Guide. I do a weekly report on CGC auction results for the magazine and frequently publicize the crazier bids that some things get. I noticed your Hall of Shame links and thought it was worth a mention in the next column..."

DATE: 11-08-01
FROM: Brian
re: Yo i just want to know about the old bronx

"Hey wassup teako. I heard a lot about you as I just saw your web site. I'm was amazed that you use to live in my block . I wrote to you because I'm in college right now and im doing a project on graffiti but i need good hard facts. You think you could consider on helping a fellow bronx kid to get out of the ghetto? It's really appreciated...."

DATE: 11-06-01
FROM: Birdie
re: grafitti

"I just came across your website, I know the work was done a while ago, but I'm in the process of writing a paper myself on graffiti as art for a college class. This helped, especially being from Jersey. It's good to see the east coast here, well, any insight would be great, thanks for your time...."

DATE: 10-27-01
Subway Outlaws
re: email


DATE: 10-25-01
FROM: Jeremy
re: Great Site!

"Just wanted to let you know that I consider your efforts to end the awful scam that is CGC is a noble one...Keep up the good work, and maybe someday we can live in a CGC free world."

DATE: 10-24-01
re: CGC Hall of Shame

"You ARE the KING!! ... I admire what you are doing. I'm sure it's fun, and you may save a few idiots from themselves...and CGC."

DATE: 10-22-01
FROM: Dustin
re: CGC Hall of Shame

"Thanks for the excellent sight"

DATE: 09-17-01
FROM: Andrea
re: Curious question about Thor comics

"First of all congratulations for your wonderful site. I found it casually, and there are many, many interesting things...I'm an italian boy taking part in a comics trivia and need an help from a super-expert. Who better than you?!?"

DATE: 09-04-01
re: awesome

"As a 36 yr old professional in the financial markets as well as an old school 1970s bomber, I really apreciated your website..."

DATE: 08-23-01
FROM: Louisa
re: email

"Thought I'd just let you know that I do use your email query list and visit your site. Just wanted to thank you personally for your time and effort in all of this."

DATE: 08-20-01
re: loved the page

"Just been looking at your web page and found it very interesting! Always been a fan of graffiti art since the early 80's...the sight of those trains and images of the Bronx, the buildings, the clothes etc from the late 70's and early 80's fill me with an overwhelming sense of nostalgia from a great era!"

DATE: 04-15-01
FROM: Esther
re: email

"...Your history of graffiti is very well done! :-) Nice site."

DATE: 04-02-01
FROM: Timothy
re: Hiatus

"Saw your posting about your hiatus. Will miss the postings on the board - there are few other places that have offered the quality and the most postings available to anyone. As an actor/stuntman and screenwriter - I will miss the postings that have given way to so many opportunities. Hope you'll come back soon."

DATE: 01-24-01
FROM: Matt
re: Awesome site

"I just viewed your site and I fully agree with you about that monument thing. I actually live in Melbourne, Australia and people do dumb sh*t like tag graves and stuff.. I am 16 years old and have been tagging since I was 13. ...I sorta gave it (tagging) up for a bit but now I have started again and im only gonna do what you say...'create, not destroy'..."

DATE: 01-15-01
FROM: Calum
re: like the site!

"...Nice work on the CGC Hall of Shame!"

DATE: 01-14-01
FROM: Shane
re: email

".... I visited your site and was very impressed. I bookmarked the comics page. Very nice! I'm glad you liked my site. I usually update it every few days, so visit often!"

DATE: 12-22-00
FROM: ZeroKeul
re: graffiti


DATE: 12-17-00
re: Interview with Spider-Man director

"The site looks amazing! Love the incorporation of the images - works great! Thanks for all the support sir, it really means a lot to me."

DATE: 11-29-00
FROM: Slavco
re: email

"...I would like to thank you for maintaining "teako170.com" As a screenwriter I find your web site more than useful."

DATE: 10-26-00
FROM: Mark
re: graffiti

"...I am a college student in California and supposed to interview people on my topic of graffiti. I just read your website and I thought you would be a perfect person to complete my interviews. Your answers will help because most of the information available is against graffiti."

DATE: 10-23-00
re: classifieds

"I love your free listing service and your site. Looking forward to your next update. Thanks for all your work."

DATE: 10-13-00
FROM: anonymous
re: eQueries

"Your website is chuck full 'o great CRAFT and marketing ideas for screenwriters... Any suggestion(s) as to the most effective way to use your eQuery listing?"

DATE: 10-08-00
FROM: Rick
Re: email

"I just visited your site. It is FANTASTIC! Geez, forgive me ... I should have checked out your link sooner. Listen, as long as you don't mind ... I want to give you some coverage in my column space on ORCA's site at: www.ORCAfresh.net..."

DATE: 09-27-00
FROM: Wade
Re: email

"Doing research for a 30 minute script for my scriptwriting class. Although not a graffiti artist, I, felt lost and bounced from class of '79, Goshen, NY until recently discovering film school. Thought I'd take a moment to say, "awesome web site". Keep it up. I relate."

DATE: 09-21-00
FROM: anonymous
Re: email

"Nice page man. Brought me to the essence of the old school days...keep it up!! Big ups from Brooklyn."

DATE: 09-18-00
FROM: Jordan
Re: email

"...I came across your write up about how COMET influenced u and I thought that was one of the illest things. It was phat. Then I proceeded 2 go to your website and I was amazed!"

DATE: 08-16-00
FROM: Angela
Re: email

"I love your site! I have actually had very good luck with it - a producer is reading my script now...I have an agent, but your site is very good at letting us know who is actually looking....thanks again."

DATE: 08-11-00
FROM: David
Re: praise

"This is a great place for another ten year struggling writer on the wrong coast to go for help. It must take time and without ads...Good luck. I will be back."

DATE: 08-03-00
FROM: Constantin
Re: Great Website

"As a fellow writer I really appreciate the wealth of information you have compiled...especially the classifieds and prodco E-mail addresses.

DATE: 04-18-00
FROM: Rick
Re: Kudos on your web site

"I have learned more about the screenwriting industry in 20 mins on your website than in the 10 years I have passively absorbed info that came my way. The Journal was fascinating reading and helped me realize the difference between writer and dreamer..."

DATE: 03-22-00
FROM: Duro
Re: My Respect


**See attachment for images***

DATE: 02-26-00
FROM: Miss Tabby
Creative Purrsuits
Re: You have a great site

"We would like you to accept our writing award for web page excellence. Your site is a wealth of information and resources for writers and it is plain to see that a lot of time, and love has gone into the creation and maintenance of your site...We will also be featuring your site in a future edition of the newsletter."

DATE: 02-23-00
FROM: Ash & Brendan
Re: Cool Site!

"Hi TEAKO, enjoyed your site very much. I had that book Subway Art in high school. I've been writing on and of for about 10 years now. Keep up the good work...."

DATE: 12-09-99
FROM: Trevor
Re: post to bb

"Very cool site! Storyboard section was neat and all those production company emails/web sites are a great resource.

DATE: 12-07-99
FROM: Michael Peitz
Team Creations
Re: Award Application

"Our Germany and USA Team Creations staff performed a complete website evaluation consisting of loading speed, use of graphics, links, theme and overall layout. Your site scored very well and we are pleased to present you our SILVER award..."

DATE: 11-23-99
FROM: Mandi
Re: Electron Film Site of the Week

"Congratulations! Your site has been chosen as Site of the Week on ElectronFilm.com. As the largest Film industry information resource site, we pride ourselves in handpicking sites that we feel that are the best in their genres and adding them to our site. When we find sites that are superior in developement and information, we award the webmasters that put so much effort into making such awesome sites."

DATE: 10-26-99
FROM: J. Bright
Re: enjoyed your story

"I really enjoyed sharing your story. I am writing a paper for college...would appreciate any help that you might be able to give me on why you enjoyed tagging and what kind of messages that you were conveying."

DATE: 10-26-99
Re: right here man

"I'm in a Journalism class at my high school and...After countless articles your's really hit home...More power to you."

DATE: 10-20-99
FROM: Rachel
Re: e-mail

"Wow, that was really intresting. I never really knew anything about graffiti, but I had to look some stuff up for this economics report that I'm doing -- and I came across your page...it really kept me reading."

DATE: 10-13-99
FROM: ginap100
re: e-queries

"Just wanted to thank you for the e-mail addresses. I sent about three hundred queries from your list and 27 people requested my script...Keep up the good work."

DATE: 10-11-99
FROM: CelOne
re: Interview/story on Art Crimes

"...I'm only fourteen and find it difficult to talk to people from back in the day when graff was in its prime on the trains...I'm glad you put that interview on Art Crimes, as there's a link now between me and my generation and yours."

DATE: 10-05-99
FROM: Alissa Healy
re: I'm Impressed

"All I can say is how inviting and exciting it was to read about your experiences. As a soon to be graduate myself I am currently throwing my resume out to whatever job positions are available. Hearing that you lived it is actually very encouraging. Thanks for sharing your trials and tribulations!!!"

DATE: 07-26-99
FROM: Gravemaster
re:Daredevil script (posted to BB)

"I have to tell you, you have one kick ass script. I can totally envision it...I loved it."

DATE: 07-15-99
FROM: Skip Press
Writer's Guide to Hollywood
re: Site keeps getting better

"I don't know how you sleep keeping that site going but it's getting better every time I see it."

DATE: 07-02-99
FROM: Joe Hendren
re: website

"...I just wanted to write and let you know that after seeing your post on Comics2film, I stopped by your website. Let me say, it was fantastic...I breezed through a couple of your scripts and they were wonderful...."

DATE: 06-30-99
FROM: Ed Hebert
re: Daredevil

"...Thank you for taking the time to construct this site. I just spent a few hours pouring over your Daredevil script and journals and links. They were all educational and enjoyable. Especially for a seventeen-year old who is toying with the idea of filmwriting...."

DATE: 06-30-99
FROM: Lee Sjostrom
re: site

"...I thoroughly enjoyed your site. I got totally distracted into it as I was reviewing Hollywood Spotlight back issues since I've somehow become involved in writing articles for it. Your notes about "Jump Cut" remind me so much of my first Hollywood Project...."

DATE: 06-14-99
FROM: Joshua Smith
re: email

"...provide a particularly entertaining and valuable online resource for filmmakers and film buffs."

DATE: 06-02-99
FROM: Michael Steven Gregory
Crew MSG
re: email

"Just discovered your site. Good job...."

DATE: 05-09-99
FROM: Glenn in Montreal
re: screenplay sells via internet

"Wow, very impressive little site...."

DATE: 05-05-99
FROM: A2daK@aol.com

"...Hey, I just got done reading "Origins" on your website. I just felt like telling you that it's great. I love hearing what the "pioneers" have to say about graff...I've always been into art and I've always wanted to be able to show people what's going on inside of my head. It's also addicting as all get out for me...Hope your film career is serving you well."

DATE: 03-12-99
FROM: David Winning

re: Website

"...Great website!"

DATE: 03-02-99
FROM: Calix
re: Website (posted to m.w.s.)

"...the web site should get large kudos for effort, intent, content, and execution...There's a number of very useful screenwriting sites on the internet, and while I just gave this one a cursory look, it seems to qualify for that august group."

DATE: 02-17-99
FROM: Ron Brassfield
re: Daredevil (posted to m.w.s.)

"...the DD script segment does remind me of the comic book, specifically of the direction Frank Miller gave it in the early '80s. Those were truly classic comic books. Without knowing your script's actual plot or direction, I can only say the segment you posted invoked the visuals and the motion for me, so you must be doing something right...."

DATE: 02-14-99
FROM: J. Jorden
re: your site and graffiti

"Hi, great site...I'm a aspiring/up and coming...whatever you wanna call it screenwriter/director... incidentally I'm working on a screenplay which involves graffiti taggers in NY (somewhere between the mid/late 80s and present...."

DATE: 02-12-99
FROM: Christopher
re: email

"Just perused your site. It's quite a "piece." I found your essays interesting and enjoyable to read. Congrats on a wonderful job...I'm much like you in that I've wandered quite a bit thru various hobbies, majors and career choices. It was nice to see that someone else has taken the circuitous route as opposed to all those 'I directed my first short film at the age of 5'...."

FROM: Graham
re: It's a grabber!

"Just wanted to let you know I read not only your page one (thought it was awesome!) but then spent some time on your site. I really enjoyed the journal, overall I just wanted to tell you I was very impressed...."

FROM: Teresa
re: Great Work

"BRAVO! I am quite impressed--your site is great...read your posting and decided to check it out, GLAD I DID!"

FROM: Nat Mosaic
re: Re: Blind Justice Pg.1

"Page 1 looks good. I think it already sets the audience up for the ride...really like your concept of showing your screenplay in the making. Great site by the way, all those theaters but where was the popcorn? Guess it's a BYOP site."

FROM: Mike Shields
re: e-mail

"I've always maintained that a comic book is actually a storyboard, and now I find that someone agrees with me. Great site."

FROM: Lisa Brady
re: Actress/writer from Auckland, NZ

"Fabulous site, am so glad I found it. Cybernetworking is great, I am glad you are giving us all a place to catch up and get to know each other. Keep up the excellent work and all the very best with your future endeavours."

DATE: 09-02-98
FROM: Stephen Brogan
re: Cool website

"Top website, very informative, a definite addition to links page!"

DATE: 08-26-98
FROM: Nanci
re: your site

"...Love the graffitti part of your site. I'll bookmark it."

DATE: 08-20-98
FROM: A. Evereaux
re: Web site

"...Surfing the web and came across your web site. What can I say. Loved it. Am a screenwriter, have played the Hollywood game for the last seven years...also read/critique screenplays for the agency I'm with...Best of luck and keep writing, you have a great angle on our profession."

DATE: 07-23-98
FROM: Jackie
Jacqueline Garry
re: email response

"...checked your site out. Very extensive, very interesting. So extensive and interesting that I need to go back later and check more of it out....ended up in the JUMPCUT section. Rang some bells -- I've been there before."

DATE: 06-26-98
FROM: Stacey Turner
re: Your Geocities Hollywood Community Leader

"...stopped by your page and I have to say, I LOVED IT!!! I am seriously considering nominating you for Featured Page status...."

DATE: 06-26-98
FROM: Daniel Bruning
re: need help writing a script

"...glad I found your site. Thank you so much for all of your help on screenwriting. It was very kind of you to take your time and actually help out 17 year old high school student...it will be alot easier now that you have pointed me in the right direction...."

DATE: 06-24-98
FROM: et
re: e-mail

"Very cool page man, I found your experiences to be humorous and informational... reminds me of Rodriguez's Rebel Without A Crew which I'm reading right now. Keep it up and thanks for the inspiration!"

DATE: 06-11-98
FROM: Andrew Sutton
re: W.O.R.M.!

"Greetings! I got your site from 'Foiled' web site. We are making an ultra low budget crime thriller. Would it be possible to add our fantastic web page to your fantastic link page?"

DATE: 06-10-98
FROM: Meve
re: your site

"...You got a phat site!"

DATE: 06-06-98
NAME: Michelle Gagnon
re: postcard

"I am really inspired by your work...the front of this postcard is one of my attempts at graffiti...I try my best. Maybe you could send me a small sample of your work...?"

DATE: 05-30-98
FROM: Thomas Bauer
re: comic glossary

"...THANKS for the comic terms...I believe your site has some really good information..."

DATE: 05-21-98
NAME: Ken Fleisch
re: guestbook

"Very interesting site. I learn more everyday."

DATE: 05-08-98
NAME: Brandi
re: guestbook

"Great site. If are looking for beautiful women to cast you found one...."

DATE: 05-04-98
FROM: Kelley Miles Essoe
Screaming in the Celluloid Jungle
re: Adding you to my site

"Okay.... so maybe I'm not adding YOU, personally... but I am adding a link to your site from my site....your site is very cool. Thought maybe you'd wanna know...the movie theatre concept of your site is really great -- The script journal is a fabulous idea."

DATE: 05-01-98
re: graffiti

"Your views upon graffiti and your past experiences are interesting to anyone who was unfortunate enough not to live in nyc in the 70's. I my self have been writing in australia since 1983...we in australia have the upmost respect for nyc's writers and the artform they developed...."

DATE: 04-30-98
FROM: Henry Burrows
re: foiled

"...just wandered over to your site and checked out theater #3 - great stuff! I can certainly identify with some of your experiences there, even if you didn't finish what you set out on the story is fascinating and indeed ends on a note of hope...I guess I'm a long way from the end of Foiled but it's within sight at least....I'll add a link to your site on my links page this evening. Good luck with everything!"

DATE: 04-30-98
FROM: Jerry Witt
Motion City Films
re: your site

"...check out your site and add you to our links page. I will be updating the links in the next week or so...Good luck with updating your Theater #8 on a daily basis. That was the original idea behind "Dailies" on our site. It's harder than you might imagine to keep it updated with fresh, interesting comments...keep in touch."

DATE: 04-29-98
NAME: G.Miller
re: Addition to the Reel Ring

"Congratulations! You have just been added to The Reel Ring...cheers, the Reel Ring Ringmaster."

DATE: 04-27-98
NAME: Michael Maier
re: Great Writing

"I like your writing. I used to write too (Rochester, NY)...but I'm looking to do other things to stay involved. One thing I do is help Susan out at art crimes. The other thing I'd like to do is put a magazine together...It would be great if you could be a contributing writer. I like your perspective...."

DATE: 04-26-97
NAME: Christoffer Brattin (BRIO ONE)
re: (no subject)

"It was nice to read your story, and what it was like back in the days. I have been into Graff since it came to Sweden with the Style Wars movie back in 1984. I was 12 years old when the New York Writers became my secret heroes...."

DATE: 04-24-98
NAME: Robert G. Seymour
re: your MAIL

"I just wanted to say that your essay was dope. I knew about the old school but never really KNEW about the old school...I've been writing for like 3 years but very steadily for the past year...you know how it is..you just cant stop...."

NAME: C.C. Chapman
DATE: 04-23-98
re: guestbook

"Great start to a website. Best of luck with all your future films...if your interested in showcasing some of your work then swing on by my home page and check out all the details...."

DATE: 04-21-98
NAME: Mill766
re: nice job

"I just read, your big article about grafitti, i am a writer myself, and i am very impressed for the job you have putten into this article...so i will thank you for the "keepin' it real" article, so graffiti will never be forgotten."

DATE: 04-20-98
re: your outstanding graffiti page

"I think we all need a page like yours for our brain to eat up... your page is one of the best one`s i have seen in a while. Art Crime`s need`s more great work like that to teach graffiti atist how it is and what they should know about the old school, and that no matter what, we should all respect each other`s graffiti for keeping it real...."

DATE: 04-19-98
NAME: Josh
re: your site

"Hey, I just finished reading your total page. It is dope; straight up. Tons of content and great information directly from you, the narrator....hope u compose some more narratives, or let me know about more of your FILMAKING CAREER??"

DATE: 04-19-98
NAME: Susan Farrell
Art Crimes
re: amazing!

"I finally had a minute to peep your page! It is great!!! I linked you all over the place...thanks so much for making it...When you outgrow geocities, let us know and we'll make some space for you...."

DATE: 04-12-98
NAME: Rich Wilson
The Online Communicator
re: my new web site (submitted via m.w.s. newsgroup)

"Very nicely done! Obviously, a lot of work went into the design and execution. The movie quotes are pretty challenging at first glance....a good start."

DATE: 03-30-98
NAME: Shane Bryer
Members of the Mighty Marvel Universe
re: True-Believer

"...the 'Comic Books and Storyboarding' page has got comic history and make-up information that simply blew me away...."

DATE: 02-23-98
NAME: Aaron Nardone
re: DareDevil movie

"I for one think that a DareDevil Movie would be great! If you go with this project you should show part of his origin, and how he was trained by Stick...."

DATE: 02-22-98
NAME: David Moore

"...second, don't make the same tooth-grinding mistake that Warner Brothers just seems to allow. Too many villains! One. With a good Actor/Actress in mind is all you'll need. Thirdly, when you find the direction of your story, keep it simple...Daredevil isn't the kind of hero that races across the galaxy. He's just one man in a city; making a difference...hope this helps you in your endeavor; thanks for listening."

DATE: 02-19-98
NAME: Kruno Golubic
re: Teako's story

"I've read your story at www.graffiti.org/faq/tko.html and I find it very interesting...I'm a webmaster on one graffiti site and I'd like to translate your text into Croatian...."

DATE: 02-01-98
NAME: Falzur Rahman
The Mind of Paloque
re: your daredevil movie script

"Understand from Kulhit Mithra that you are writing a screenplay. I was always hoping that someone would come up and do it...I would like to see an intelligent Daredevil movie, not something like the more recent Batman flicks (yukks!) or any of the past Marvel movie ventures...having the spirit of say, Bladerunner, Godfather, Star Wars, Silence of the Lambs...."

DATE: 01-30-98
NAME: Kuljit S. Mithra
Daredevil:The Man Without Fear
re: DD movie

"...glad to hear back from you. I can post this info on my NEWS section and hopefully some people will respond to it. Also, are you on the Daredevil mailing list? I am sure you can pose your questions there and you'll get lots of reponse there...."

DATE: 10-07-97
NAME: NiKeee2000
re: graff page (teako's story)

"Sup...i just wanted to say i read your interview in artcrimes on the web and it was interesting...much respect & luck in whatever u do man.

DATE: 09-11-97
re: graffiti (teako's story)

"I'm a 13yr old writer from perth australia...I would just like to thank you for you story beacause it made me see something, lots of peaple say to me "why do u do graffit?", and i have nothing to say but when i read your your story i figured it out. It's not about being the best or writing with the best writers, its about improving, setting goles and achieving them...thanks again for your story, it helped me find the reason for why i love graffiti so much."

DATE: 07-06-97
NAME: Apek One
re: graff website (teako's story)

"Good lesson, teako. I will remember it. Peace."

DATE: 06-13-97
NAME: VectorOne
re: graffiti (teako's story)

"...I liked what you had to say about how "art is a difficult and sometimes lonely road to travel". We need more people like you writing...."

DATE: 06-12-97
NAME: Cathy Morgan
re: graffiti search for dissertation

"Read your article on the net whilst searching for information on grafitti and whether it could be considered a form of art. My daughter is researching the topic for her final year's dissertation and is searching for resource material via the net. Can you suggest where she can find articles, artist interviews etc - again via the net? Many thanks."

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