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Comic Grades, Glossary & Appearances
Comic book grading guide, industry buzz words, plus 1500+ first appearances & more.

Influential Pulp
From Stan & Jack to present day, see what comics influenced this filmmaker/writer.

Daredevil Screenplay
Full length DD spec, "Blind Justice" featuring Elektra, Bullseye, & the Kingpin.

Comic News
News articles featuring various reports from the comic book & film industries.

Comics and film are more related than you think. Plus: brief history of the comic book.

Blind Justice Journal 55 journals/14 months.
Read the inside scoop of how I researched, plotted and wrote the DD spec, "Blind Justice."

Spider-Man Interview
Dan Poole, creator of the "The Green Goblinís Last Stand," reveals the story behind the making of his fast-growing cult video classic.

CGC: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
Article analyzes the pros and cons of CGC grading. Quotes from retailers, fans, and pros.

Merry Marvel Marching Society
An overview of the 60s Marvel Comics fan club and how a new MMMS helps fight illiteracy.

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Some of the best comic-related links on the Internet.

Industry E-Mail Addresses
Comic Book Industry E-Mail's featuring writers, artists, & companies.

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Comic Book Industry Websites featuring writers, artists, & companies.

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Submit your URL's for the latest over-priced CGC graded book.

Roger Corman's Fantastic Four film
In-depth article on the unreleased FF movie from 1994. Includes cast & crew comments, new interviews and plenty of photos.