smoking is bad for everyone's health
November 1994
"Extinction: It's Not Just for Dinosaurs"
Hi-8 video, 10 minutes
Position: Writer/Editor

Video documentary on global pollution. Though nothing original was created, it proved to be a good exercise for editing and learning to work with a deadline.

the Exxon Valdez legacy
back in da Bronx
December 1994
16mm b/w film & Hi-8 video, 30 minutes
Position: Writer/Director/Editor

An auto-biographical narrative that was shot on location in New York, New Jersey and in/around Chicago. Intercut with clips from nearly 50 different Hollywood films.

downtown Chicago
created on a Laird
May 1995
"Put Your Trust In Us"
Hi-8 video, 45 seconds
Position: Writer/Editor

This video was produced for a TV commercial competition (my first film/ video competition entry. I didn't win). 98% of this project was created in the editing room.

the only video image shot

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