protestors outside St. Ignatius church
August 1995
"St. Ignatius: A School By Any Other Name"
Hi-8 video, 28 minutes
Position: Editor

Documentary about the closing of a Chicago elementary school and its effects on the surrounding community and parish. Slated for airing on local TV.

closing titles
i'm actually a very nice guy
September 1995
"Thin Ice"
16mm b/w film & Hi-8 video, 9 minutes
Position: Writer/Director/Editor

Independent project created as an alternative to a "verbal pitch" for my screenplay titled Enter Sandman. Spent near 100 hours in the editing room to complete.

the cemetery shoot
image from final shoot
Sept 95 - April 96
3/4" video, est. 90 minutes
Position: Writer/Director/Producer

First attempt at a feature production. Unfortunately, only 20% of principal shooting was completed. For more details, please visit the JUMPCUT page; includes images.

how i got 'lost' in my own film
opening credit sequence for 'Thin Ice'
May 1996
Loyola Student Film/Video Festival
16mm b/w film & Hi-8 video, 75 minutes
Position: Producer/Editor

Final production at Loyola. The festival consisted of student works in various genres: narrative, documentary, music video, animation and experimental.

every Loyola film student knows this guy

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